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What We Are Looking For 
o    Single adult: Max rent of $929 if only utility is electricity, but ideally $700-929. Studios or 1 bedrooms.
o    Families and roommates: Rent budget varies, but can go upwards of $1200+ depending on how many adults with grants in the home. All unit types; we frequently place clients in single family homes. 
o    We look for landlords who are willing to work with criminal backgrounds (especially petty, homelessness related crimes such as loitering, trespassing or open container charges) and who understand that the transition to independent housing can sometimes be a process. We have found that secure safe and stable housing regularly eliminates recidivism.
o    Our agency relies on Hennepin and Ramsey County’s Emergency Assistance for the majority of damage deposit payments. The application process can take up to 30 days. We provide a letter of guarantee at the time of application to be accepted for move-in. Should Emergency assistance deny, STH will pay.
Benefits of Working with Our Agency
o    At any given time, I work with up to 15 clients who need housing. Start Today could be an excellent primary contact to get a unit filled ASAP before investing time and resources in marketing and showings. 
o    Clients sign traditional lease agreements and are able to sign for longer periods, such as 24 months, to limit the potential for unit turnover. 
o    The majority of clients have their rent and utilities facilitated directly from our agency. 
o    For clients who work or receive other sources of income that may require them to pay part or all of their rent, Start Today still assists in the facilitation of rent for most clients in this situation. 
o    Each client has a case manager who works directly with them and conducts regular home visits. Case managers serve as a direct point of contact and support for landlords should any concerns arise. If a concern cannot be addressed through the client and case manager, we have a full management team who is prepared to assist as well. 
o    Our agency maintains an emergency fund to which landlords can submit invoices for payment consideration. Our priority is to maintain positive and long-lasting relationships with landlords and to support our clients in developing strong rental histories.
o    Our agency can usually re-fill units quickly should a tenant not be successful, limiting any lapse in rent. 
o    If there is a particularly affordable and desirable unit for which we do not have a current client to fill, we have in the past “held” units for when we are able to fill them. 

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