What is Housing First?
Housing First is a model of housing that incorporates intensive in home case management with the belief that everyone regardless of their individual situation has a right to safe housing with supports in place to allow them to    successfully reach independence.




What is GRH?
GRH stands for Group Residential
Housing, and is a state funded income supplement to help those who are low income and have a documented disability afford independent housing within the community. Funding is administered to the housing agency to make payment of rent and utilities on your behalf. In our
program each person works with a Housing Case Manager who meets with you in your home and can help assist you with services and resources that are available to you in the community.




What should I expect after I have been reffered and completed an intake?
After your intake is completed it is given to our housing locator who begins to see what types of housing are availabe in the community. Things that are taken into consideration are your preference for housing, and also the various criteria that each landlord or property management company has.

What is  long-term homeless?
Long Term Homeless is defined as 12 consecutive months with no permanent place to live, or 4 isolated episodes of homelessness within a period of the last three years.


How do I get referred?
To get referred to our program you must be currently homeless, have a documented disability and be staying in shelter, or outside, as well as to meet the definition of Long-Term Homeless. If all of these apply to you, a shelter advocate or street outreach worker will assess you for housing options and refer you to Hennepin County Coordinated Entry for a housing referral.  We are unable to take direct referrals and only receive referrals through Hennepin County Coordinated Entry.





What happens after being referred?
After you are referred to us by Coordinated Entry, we will contact you directly to set up a time to do a formal intake. This intake will take about an hour, and we will ask you questions about you and your housing situation, along with other questions that will help us to get to know you better and find out your housing needs and preferences.